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Three Crosses, Along Highways and Interstates, Planted by Rev. Bernard Coffindaffer

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Coffindaffer’s 3 Crosses

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Crosses Gallery

Crosses Faith, NC12

The original Crosses, set by Coffindaffer and his followers near the Flatwoods, WV exit of Interstate 79, are beginning to show their age.

Rev. Bernard Coffindaffer

On January 27, 1935, In Craigsville, West Virginia,… six years in the U. S. Marines…A genuine, marvelous, glorious vision,' he said, "The Holy Spirit instructed, blessed, dealt with me and told me how to go about installing these crosses…read more

Thank You Lord for this beautiful earth. 

Help use look after it.

Crosses 7

I-70 West, IN

Co. Rd. 100 W.

Crosses 2

Ireland, Lewis County

Mysterious Crosses

Zion Mountain,

Hinton, WV

Hurricane, WV

Jackson County, NC

Crosses 5

Dixie, Nicholas County

US Hwy 61 N Cary

Crosses 19

On the River


Beulah Ave., IN

Frankford, WV

I-79 WV exit Servia

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Crosses Gallery


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I-81 Crosses 202 Mile Maker

I-79 WV exit Wallback

Greenbrier County

I-79 WV exit Amma


I-79 WV exit Napier



Crosses middle of WV


I-81 Crosses 235 Mile Maker

Blythewood, SC along I-77

I-81 Crosses 220 Mile Maker



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I-79 WV exit Frametown










Good Friday Painting

My confirmation mentor, Mr. Thompson suggested that we repaint the tree crosses at a location North of Frederick, Maryland…..people beeped their horns at us and waved as they drove by…..This was an experience that I will never forget and I am looking forward to making this a tradition every Good Friday….


Bearing witness 

FLATWOODS - A little more than 15 years ago, here on a windy rise along Interstate 79, the Rev. Bernard Coffindaffer and a small group of followers set their first cluster of crosses. One gold, flanked by lesser pale blue replicas. Christ and the two thieves

…. man who spent three years on the road, working for Coffindaffer, working for God…. Hanna said it was Coffindaffer's plan for workers to revisit each site for straightening and painting every two years….

Her Cross To Bear

The middle cross is faded yellow. The other two, peeling pale blue. Despite their aging appearance, the three crosses catch the eyes of travelers on 1-20 headed toward Vicksburg…..

Rev Coffindaffer Dies

The Nicholas County man who gained national attention for making clusters of Crosses a common site throughout the United States has died. Rev. Berard Coffindaffer, 68, died Friday, Oct 8, of a heart attack at is home in Craigsville, WV…..

Faith, NC Crosses

Well, the question has been answered. Robert Clarke and William "Painter" Hopkins are helping the Keslers save the crosses on Faith Road…."He wanted to put the crosses in towns with Bible names or relationships, convinced they were named by God….We have a set on Faith Road, Faith NC and on a little travled St. Peters Church Road. He couldn’t resist the name

 Others Keeping Coffindaffer Ministry Alive

The late Bernard Coffindaffer of Craigsville, W.V., left a legacy of crosses when he died in 1993. He led a one-man crusade that erected 1,864 sets of three crosses in at least 27 states, the District of Columbia, Zambia and the Philippines "I think….

 We Need Your HELP

We need Your help. Your time and talents and contributions to carry on this work for our Lord Jesus Christ.

Have you ever been driving down an interstate or major highway and seen three Crosses on the side of the road? Christian Crosses is an interdenominational organization dedicated to the preservation, maintenance and new construction of the Crosses that Rev. Bernard Coffindaffer planted.

Rev. Bernard Coffindaffer was a great man. He planted his 1860 Crosses in 29 states, Zambia and the Philippines. We need help with the work. If the Crosses need paint, then paint them. If the Crosses need straightened, then straighten them. If you are unable to do so please get a local church to look after them. If the first church you ask says no, ask another church. They will receive a blessing.

May the Holy Spirit touch your heart as he touched mine and continue the work of our Lord Jesus Christ in painting and caring for the Crosses.


Blythewood, SC along I-77:  While driving to Columbia one day last August, I noticed the rundown condition of the crosses along the side of the road, on I-77…..Unable to be seen from the interstate are three nails in each cross.  One at each of the cross arms, and one halfway down the cross represent where the hands and feet were nailed….








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